Loves his morning coffee, loves the chemistry, ritual and aroma of making his morning brew. Loves the great outdoors.  Sean has a fascination with vintage Landover’s. Drives a defender and loves nothing more to go on wild adventures with no planned destination.
Spends his time with his bestie (Kate) driving, hiking, exploring the magic of the West coast of Ireland. Can be seen in the freezing Atlantic ocean when the swell is right.


A hopeless romantic. Book worm. Keeper of stories. Many things make her happy: reaching the top of a mountain out of breath, devilment with friends, lazy Sundays under the blankets, gardening, adventures with Sean in the defender. Wanted to be an explorer when she was a child.
Kate believes that being a photographer is not so far
removed from her childhood dream.


We believe each couple and ceremony is unique.
Each is filled a lifetime of intimate gestures and raw emotions.

Having been married to each other twice, (yes we really love each other really that much).
We know that those moments are fleeting and capturing them is important.
We believe that wedding photography isn’t about the formal pictures.
It is about capturing this very important promise you are making to each other.
It is about documenting those moments which in turn become memories.

Best suited for easygoing folks who share a love for quirky surroundings,
silly jokes, muddy boots and being out in the fresh air.

Ireland Wedding Photographers

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