While we would like to stay for the party, we know that  granny would rather shake her rollers out like a wild thing on the dance floor with out the photographers! Ideally you set the time frame (not granny), we have different collections to suit you, but hey if you want us to stay all night or weekend.. who are we to argue!

Digital Files

All of our collections wedding, elopements and couple sessions come with high resolution Digital files.

Books & Prints

Everyone has a favourite book, you know the one, it’s slightly worn from all the hands that have cherished it. As you pick it up, you already know the story it’s going to tell, but you don’t care, its like listening to an old friend. Opening it your are comforted by the smell of the pages. You lose yourself to it and with that all track of time as you are transported deep into the story.
Imagine that book is your story, your memories. Imagine that book in years to come, pages worn at the edges from the hands of those you love. Imagine the laughter and surprise from little ones in the generations to follow. Ask us about our books and let create something beautiful together.

We are crazy, no, we are fanatical about images being printed. Please do not let your digital files rot in a drawer and with them your memories, It is a fact of the human condition that we forget, memories will fade.
Those images that were captured will in time become your only memories.
Please don’t waste them. Print them!

Where are you based?

For the most part we live on the West Coast of Ireland, in the kingdom of Kerry. It’s a relaxing place surrounded by the sea and mountains. Travel junkies at heart we love to travel across Ireland and Europe. No wedding or session is too far, get in touch if you would like to create some memories.

Do you travel?

Yes we love to travel. Destination quotes for Europe are inclusive of all travel charges (airfare, accommodation, etc). For anywhere else in the world drop us a line and we can organise a custom quote. FYI,  We take 4-6 weeks out adventuring to places we’ve not yet seen. Have a look at our travel page for upcoming travel dates. If we are ever in your area give us a shout, we would love to hook up.

Do you both shoot?

Sean and Kate, it’s in the name! When we started capturing weddings over a decade ago, Sean would shoot the day and I would process the memories. Then we both started shooting the days. Sean the lead shooter and I his second shooter. Thats the way it was right up until June 2019 when the arrival of our baby girl turned our world wonderfully on its head. Now, we give you the option of having just Sean or us both. We know that your wedding day is going to pass so quickly it will make your head spin. With either both of us shooting or just one, we promise to capture as much of the joy and love as possible. Drop us a email to find out our updated pricing!

You take a lot of images then?

We shoot a lot, each wedding varies on numbers due to extra details or granny rocking out on the dance floor. We think on average it must be about 3000 total images and we will deliver approx 600 of them to you.

Great, when will we get our images?

8 weeks after the wedding or 4 weeks for a couples sesh!

Do you blog everything?

We don’t blog every wedding or couple session. Mostly because there isn’t enough time. When we are not shooting we really switch off choosing to spend down time with family and friends or chilling out in the fresh air.

Do you do couple sessions?

We believe that everyone no matter what needs to have a couple session. It’s a chance to capture your connection for one another through little gestures and honest moments. Couple sessions should be embraced for the moments where both of you are being true to yourselves.

What if the weather is horrible?

There is no such thing as horrible weather, there is romantic rain and windswept whispers. We have never had a problem with the elements, we embrace them. Some of our best couple sessions have been in the middle of an Atlantic storm.

Do you have back ups?

Back up or go home! Yes have back ups for our back ups, we have back up equipment on the day and we back up memories when we get home. We are crazy about the back ups!

Are you insured?

Hell YES!

We love the sound of this, what happens now?

Send a message through the contact page and we can talk about our collections. From there we can FaceTime or chat in person over coffee (you know Sean loves his coffee!) or in your local for something stronger! It’s super important that we all get along and for us to get to know each other. If it sounds like we are all about to go on a speed date, then you would be right!!
See you soon!

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