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In their own words our couples tell us, good bad and ugly just what they thought of us here in the Sean and Kate Reviews Page!


Jenn and Steven


So tell us, just who are Jenn and Steve in a sentence

We are a couple that are the opposite sides of the coin but love each other for our differences.

What was it that made you book Sean and Kate?

Definitely your beautiful work on your website AND the fact that our call with Kate, she was very interested in the grooms perspective which was the first photographer to do so!

If you were to recommend Sean and Kate to your best friend, what would you say?

Sean and Kate were like a part of our wedding party.  They blended in with the group and felt like family.   You can see this come through in our wedding photos as they caught the moments we would have wanted them to catch!  We are over the moon with their work and glad to have gained two (+ Lottie) new friends!  I would 100% book them again and would recommend them to anyone.

What were your biggest challenges in finding a photographer?Availability, Someone who knew how to deal with pushy Americans :), quality of work (we wanted a romantic aesthetic)

Name one thing that nearly stopped you from booking us?The only thing that gave us a little pause was that fact that you were a couple. What if we liked one of you but not the other? This was quickly set aside once we have a first initial call with you. I think matching personalities is so important.

What was your biggest fear before hiring us?  Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

I was afraid you wouldn’t get us as a couple and this would come through in the pictures.  This was quickly put to bed when I saw our engagement photos at the Cliffs.  You caught moments I didn’t even remember that were very naturally us.  You guys were our perfect photographer match!


~Megan & Yates

Find out what our couples really think of us!

Sean and Kate were an absolute dream! The minute I saw their work I knew they were our people. Not only are they incredible photographers, they are amazing human beings with the kindest souls. I wanted a moody, romantic and natural feel for our photos. Sean and Kate embody all those things and more without even having to try (or so it seems, they make everything look so easy!). There was never a point when we felt awkward in front of their cameras (even Yates, who does not enjoy being photographed). It was such a breeze and joy to work with them and have them hang with us on our wedding day. It felt like they were part of our group from the start. We were sad to say goodbye! Yates & I feel like we have made friends for life in Sean and Kate and cannot wait to get back to Ireland to visit.

~Stephanie  & Tim

Sean and Kate Reviews

Sean and Kate made us feel so comfortable on the shoot. Sean and Kate really listened to the things we were hoping for. I wanted sheep and by the end of the day I was holding a baby lamb on my wedding day. The pictures came out like works of art.  They are the best photographers we have worked with. Sean and Kate are all about the details from scooting out locations prior to, to working for the best shots that day, to sending your prints in the most beautiful wooden box and with a hand written thank you note. Did I say Sean and Kate are AMAZING!

~Tegan & Adam

Sean and Kate Reviews

Sean and Kate are a truly lovely couple that really ensured that our elopement was special. They were just as integral in their participation as our vows to one another. We can’t imagine our day without them. We are so glad that we had the gift of having them take our photos. Those photos, and the moments that we shared with them will be cherished for years to come.

~ Cillian & Patrick

Sean and Kate Reviews

Sean and Kate were the perfect people to capture our wedding. Our guests rave about how nice and approachable they were. Some didn’t even realise they were the photographers. They took the photos with such ease and comfort we hardly noticed them.  They are genuine, authentic and truly talented photographers, they work so well together. It was such a pleasure to watch people work so seamlessly together.  They captured our wedding day in the most perfect way. Capturing not only the gentle and soft moments but also the emotion in each image has allowed us to relive the emotion and joy we felt with our loved ones. Sean and Kate will take photos of your moments that will give you a twinkle in your eye and bring a smile to your face for years to come

~Louise & Dan

Sean and Kate Reviews

Sean and Kate have always been our first choice when wanting our memories created into images. Together they bring this energy and passion about creating something amazing that genuinely brings you back to that moment. Being lovely people is a bonus, but they are also funny and naturally professional. When I look at the images printed on my wall, I am taken back to that moment and the emotions of those days all come back to us. That’s what you want years later!

~Justin & Jordyn

Sean and Kate Reviews

From the moment we saw Sean & Kate’s style of photography we knew we had to have them capture our special day. The fact that that they are such wonderful people made it even better and everything turned out just perfect. They are professional, fun and exceeded our every expectation. We couldn’t be happier with the pictures they took, how they treated us and how they kept us smiling throughout the day. We have no hesitation in recommending Sean and Kate to capture your big day, you won’t be disappointed.


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