Budapest what a stunning city.

We spent a jam packed few days here. The city has everything you could possibly want and more. Museums, nightlife, art galleries, bath houses… some with all night parties, amazing restaurants, wine bars, many open air markets, strange and wonderful games rooms, beautiful squares, incredible architecture and one amazing park with little go cars and musical fountains! Needless to say we checked out most of the foodie places ranging from and amazing Caribbean restaurant called Soul Food to food trucks from which we ate delicious Langos. We had the most amazing food of our life in the Jewish quarter. When we visit again we will stay in this quarter, it was so full of life, extremely quirky with a vibe all of its own. Fun moments include sleeping in and having to run from Pest over to Buda for a late night date. A romantic evening dinner cruise along the river Danube. Exploring Draculas labyrinth under Buda castle, glued to Sean while other nervous tourist screamed with fright. Okay, I screamed once or twice too! We had the chance to take in an exhibition on Picasso’s life and works. It was inspiring to say the least. We visited the House of Terror that was extremely harrowing. It was a place that neither of us will soon forget. It was crazy to think that such atrocities happened in the very place and city we were standing. It perhaps didn’t help that we had visited Shoes on the Danube that morning. That was a solemn day. On leaving Budapest we reflected that even though our bellies were full we had not allowed ourselves enough time to explore and enjoy what this city had to offer.
We left with a greater respect for this city and its proud people who have like a phoenix risen from the flames.

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