Doolin Cliff Elopement

We simply adored these two from the time we Skype from the back of our defender to the final delivery of images, Kirsten and Joel were just a blast. It was so refreshing to listen to their Doolin Cliffs Elopement plans. Simply mad into their photography as Joel is a photographer himself, they left the park wide open when it came to the location of the portrait session. Music to Seans ears! I said that every thing was possible, we just had to figure out the time lines and go from there. Sure, I’ll get on to your wedding planner and we can go from there I said. Thats when these two said, we dont have one. We are organising the whole wedding ourselves from the states!!! I have to admit, we were in love with this plan though a little concerned with the stress of not having some one like a planner to help.

What this couple had though, was family and friends with an abundance of love to step in and help with everything from the flowers, cleaning, decorating, cake and even the baking of the ceremonial bread on the morning of the big day. I mean, if this isn’t what family and friends are for on your wedding day, well then…….

The couple chose the Doolin Cliffs as the place to share their vows. Its a very special place for us too, rich in history and steeped in folklore, as soon as you walk there, you know you are some where very special. Magical. After many hugs and tears of joy had bveen said, Kirsten, Joel and Sean explored the rugged coastline before heading back to meet the rest of the gang in Vaughans Pub. By chance another favourite spot of ours, cosy warm and always welcoming. The laughter and dancing continued waay into the wee hours, just as a proper celebration should.

This intimate wedding, though simple it may look in its planning was rich in love and generosity, that is, what weddings/celebrations are ultimately about. Celebrating the love of two people and reflecting it back at the couple in all the best ways possible.


Check out the slide show here 🙂

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